Express1040 Audit Assist

    Help & Guidance with IRS Audits

    Set up an account and file your federal tax return using the Deluxe service for the protection of Audit Assist.

    Pay when you File — Only $6.99

    Personal Audit Help

    Get the peace of mind of knowing that if you receive a letter from the IRS or are selected for an IRS audit, there is someone available to help you through the process.

    Audit Specialists

    Express1040 Audit Assist provides access to audit specialists who can answer your specific questions as well as access to the Express1040 Audit Center. The Audit Center has information on how to respond to the specific IRS notice you received, and has all the information you need to handle an IRS letter or IRS audit.

    Audit Assist specialists will:

    • Help you through the process of understanding the IRS letter or audit notice you receive.
    • Help you know what kind of records you need to gather to answer the IRS letter or prepare for an audit.
    • Help you write a response to the IRS notice.
    • Help you prepare for an audit.
    • Help you after the audit is done to understand the results and what steps you can take next.
    • If you owe the IRS money, help you understand the options you have in settling your debt with the IRS.


    Express1040 Audit Assist is only available for customers who successfully e-filed their federal tax return using the Express1040 Deluxe service. State returns are not covered by Express1040 Audit Assist. Express1040 Audit Assist will assist you in preparing for an audit, but our audit specialists cannot represent you at the audit. Our audit specialists can help you prepare your response to the IRS, but cannot correspond directly with the IRS.

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