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    Deluxe Edition Only $6.99

    Deluxe Edition Includes:

    • All of the Free Services
    • Protection of Audit Assist
    • New! Priority Support with Live Chat
    • Unlimited Amended Returns
    Pay when you File — Only $6.99

    Free Tax Services Are Included

    Enjoy free features like e-filing, printing, online backup, PDF copy of tax return, extensions, form preparation and more.

    Audit Assist

    An IRS audit can be stressful. In recent years the number of audits has increased for all income levels of tax filers. Get the reassurance of having a specialist help you through an audit. Audit Assist includes the Audit Center which has information to help you respond to an IRS notice or audit. Both resources give you the assistance you need to prepare and respond to the IRS.

    Receive answers to specific questions you may have about the IRS notice or audit process. Audit Assist from Express1040 provides support for correspondence and personal IRS audits. Correspondence audits are letters from the IRS. If you receive an audit notice, our audit specialists will answer the questions you may have regarding the notice and your response.

    Limitations & Requirements

    Express1040 Audit Assist is only available for customers that successfully e-filed their federal tax return using the Deluxe Edition. State returns are not covered by Audit Assist. Express1040 Audit Assist will help you in preparing for an audit, but our audit specialists cannot represent you at the audit. Our audit specialists can help you prepare your response to the IRS, but cannot correspond directly with the IRS.

    New! Priority Customer Support with Live Chat

    Live Chat is available for Deluxe customers Monday - Saturday 8 AM - 12 AM Eastern (ET). In addition to Live Chat, you'll move to the front of the line with Priority Customer Support for all email and account messages.

    Unlimited Amended Returns

    File an amended return at no extra cost! Correct mistakes or omissions in your tax return even after you have filed with the IRS. Have the forms you need re-calculated and prepared. Simply follow the step-by-step instructions and your amended tax return will be calculated for you. With this service you can file as many amended returns as needed at no additional cost.

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    Start your tax return using the Deluxe service for free. Prepare your taxes and pay at the very end when you are ready to file. Save time & money by upgrading to Deluxe today!

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