Free Tax Return Service by Express1040®

Our easy, step-by-step online interview takes the hassle out of preparing and filing your income taxes. Don't let the tax deadline sneak up on you this year... start your taxes today!

Here are a few more reasons to file your income taxes with Express1040:

Free E-file

The federal tax return is absolutely free to prepare, print, and e-file. No gimmicks or obligation to buy anything. The state tax return costs $14.99 and is completely optional.

Get Your Tax Refund Fast

Express1040 offers the fastest way to get your refund with direct deposit and e-file. Both of these services are free. When you choose direct deposit your refund is deposited directly to your bank account. E-filing sends your tax return directly to the IRS for the fastest possible refund speed.

Save Time & Money

We believe in making it simple and inexpensive to file your income taxes. Most of our clients can complete and file their tax return in just 30 minutes! At Express1040, you can prepare, print, and e-file your federal income tax return FREE!

Guaranteed Accuracy

When you use Express1040 to file your income taxes you can be assured that your income tax return will be calculated correctly. If we make an error in the calculation of your tax return we will pay any penalties and/or interest charged to you.

All Kinds of Tax Returns

The free service supports all kinds of tax situations. If you were unemployed, had investment income, bought a home, or had a child, the service is still free. File complex tax returns on Express1040 at no cost!

Low Cost State Tax Returns

Express1040 offers one of the lowest cost state services online. Filing your state return is designed to be easy. The information you entered to prepare your federal taxes is used to simplify the preparation of your state return. E-file, form preparation, printing, and customer service is included.

Private & Secure

Express1040 is an authorized IRS e-file provider. Your privacy and the security of your information is our top priority. Your information is stored on secure servers and will not be shared with any third parties. The information you transmit online is encrypted using SSL technology and DigiCert certificates.

Paperless Filing

The "self-select PIN" program allows you to e-file your return without having to mail additional forms to the IRS. If you have a refund, your 1040 will be 100% paperless.

Confirmation of Acceptance

Express1040 keeps you informed throughout the tax filing process. You can check the status of your tax return any time by signing in to your account. After you have e-filed, we send you an email stating that your tax return has been either accepted or rejected by the IRS. If the IRS rejects your tax return for any reason, we will notify you via email and help you correct the problem. We do not charge additional fees to resubmit your tax return after corrections have been made.

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